ServicesFlorent COTTAVOZ
Art gallery – Audiovisual design & lighting

Our services also offers to :

  • rent original works of art,
  • reference your private collections,
  • program the conference / debate of Florent COTTAVOZ,
  • program the travelling exhibition «COTTAVOZ, the palette, the canvas and me »

The rental of original works of art

You wish to invite Art in your company, in the V.I.P. lounges of your hotel establishment, at your own home, in your movie and theatre sets, or for a special occasion … For any of these reasons, you can have access to :

the advice of Florent COTTAVOZ, in his quality of art director, for the choice of the works, the transport and delivery on the installation site, the hanging and unhanging in the respect of your environment,the « nail to nail » insurance package.

For detailed pricing of these services, please contact us by email at the following address

The referencing of your artworks

You own artworks and you wish to index and/or reference them on, Florent COTTAVOZ provides :

  • the in situ shots,
  • the digital processing of the visuals,
  • the presentation of your artworks referenced on the web site in free or restricted access,
  • the possibility to propose your artworks for rental and/or sale on the web site as well as in the studio gallery Florent COTTAVOZ.

From 500 € H.T. half-day (excluding travel expenses).
Please consult the available-for-sale works on

The conference / debate of Florent COTTAVOZ

During this richly illustrated conference, Florent COTTAVOZ enjoys to offer his unique and privileged testimony on the life and work of his father, the artist André COTTAVOZ.
The look of a son on his father, of a man who is passionate of art on the artist, Florent relates, explains and unveils. The conference is followed by an open debate.
Duration of the event : 60 minutes. Tariff : 1200 € H.T. (excluding travel and accommodation expenses and meals expenses for two persons)