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Thus, it was only natural for Florent to want to pay tribute to his father, to the artist and his work which contributed so much to making him the man he is today; and to choose Vallauris, city of art of international dimension, where his father lived for 40 years, won by the Mediterranean light.

“COTTAVOZ, color lithographs”, first temporary exhibition of the summer of 2016 and launch of the official website marks the opening to the public of the art gallery / Studio Florent Cottavoz.

“COTTAVOZ, Miniatures – oils on cardboard – oils on paper”, second temporary exhibition of Galerie Studio, early 2017.

The new EXPO COTTAVOGalerieZ, oils on canvas, opens from March 15 to September 15, 2018 on Thursday, Friday and Saturday by appointment – Galerie Florent COTTAVOZ Studio at 15 rue Sicard in Vallauris (06220).

Carole and Florent welcome you to this intimate space where you discover works of André COTTAVOZ , never exposed . Small sizes that form a miniature original , exclusive and unique work of COTTAVOZ . Home at the usual times or by appointment .To enter Florent COTTAVOZ art gallery / studio is a unique experience between the past, the present and the future; you will be also won by Florent’s talent who combines his professional expertise (acknowledged by the label attributed by live entertainment service providers) and his love for art to offer us a resolutely contemporary vision of his father’s work.

Faithful to the entertainment tradition, Florent also gives the opportunity to schedule the travelling exhibition « COTTAVOZ, the palette, the canvas and me » that he produces with great mastery and of which premiere will take place at the cultural space Jean Salles at Sainte-Foy-Les-Lyon (69110) from 15 September to 2 October 2016.

And you can also discover the available-for-sale Arts works on


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